May Day – Occupy Oakland Rally (videos)

May Day Occupy Oakland speaker

May Day General Strike at Occupy Oakland — Oscar Grant Plaza (aka Frank Ogawa Plaza) in downtown Oakland, CA.

After a standoff with the Oakland Police May Day Occupy Oakland protestors retreat to OGP and protest through song — a protestor speaks directly into the camera.

Speakers at the May Day Occupy Oakland rally:

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Boots Riley:

Occupy Cal Strike UC Berkeley March

These photos were taken during the Occupy Cal Strike UC Berkeley Protest March on November 15, 2011.

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KQED: This Week in Northern California Video of Occupy Cal Protests

Occupy Cal and Occupy Oakland protesters converge on the UC Berkeley campus at Sproul Plaza.
Interviews with Yvette Felancra and Berkeley City Council member Chris Worthington were conducted by Spencer Michels. Videography by Harry Betancourt.