Sheriff Joe Arpaio signing pink underwear in Arizona

Today a lawsuit was filed by the Justice Department against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, who, calls himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

He is accused of a “pattern of unlawful discrimination” targeting Latinos in his campaign to crack down on illegal immigration.

I just happened to be in Arizona at an outdoor festival where Sheriff Joe Arpaio was selling and signing Sheriff Joe’s World Famous Pink Boxers, capitalizing on his infamous use of pink underwear with jailhouse inmates.

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From Sheriff Joe’s website:

“Another program Arpaio is very well-known for is the pink under shorts he makes all inmates wear. Years ago, when the Sheriff learned that inmates were stealing jailhouse white boxers, Arpaio had all inmate underwear dyed pink for better inventory control. The same is true for the Sheriff’s handcuffs. When they started disappearing, he ordered pink handcuffs as a replacement. And later, when the Sheriff learned the calming, psychological effects of the color pink—sheets, towels, socks— everything inmates wear, except for the old-fashioned black and white striped uniform, were dyed pink.”

From The New York Times:
By Fernanda Santos and Charles Savage

“In a 32-page complaint, the Justice Department contends that he and his deputies waged a campaign against illegal immigration — through sweeps of homes and workplaces, and in traffic stops and jail practices — aimed at Latinos, regardless of status or citizenship.”

Sheriff Arpaio also sought to silence his opponents — lawyers, judges and private citizens — through retaliation, at times filing lawsuits against them that were later found to be baseless, the complaint says.

“At its core, this is an abuse-of-power case involving a sheriff and sheriff’s office that disregarded the Constitution, ignored sound police practices, compromised public safety, and did not hesitate to retaliate against his perceived critics,” Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general at the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, said at a news conference here.

Sheriff Arpaio has engaged in an increasingly bitter conflict with the Obama administration, including questioning the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate and portraying the civil rights investigation that preceded the lawsuit as politicized.

In a news conference at his office, Sheriff Arpaio said he would not allow his office to be “taken over by some bureaucrats in the federal government.”

“I will fight this to the bitter end,” he said. He also said: “They’re using me for the Latino vote. I hate to say this is political, but the timing is suspect.”

In what was seen as a pre-emptive move, his office distributed a 17-point plan on Wednesday that promised to “establish and maintain specific bias-free law enforcement and detention” through better policies and training.

“We’re just doing our jobs enforcing illegal immigration laws,” the sheriff said Thursday. “We’re not racist.”

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Joe Arpaio on Animal Abuse: “We Have to Take a Tougher Stand”

“Sometimes people accuse me of treating animals better than inmates. I usually respond by saying the animals are victims and as such, deserve to be treated well. Inmates, on the other hand, have broken the law by victimizing others. They deserve to be treated humanely but not delicately.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Unveils Obama Birth Probe
Associated Press: Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio says there’s probable cause to believe President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery. The Obama campaign compared the effort to “The X-Files.” (March 1, 2012)

May Day – Occupy Oakland Rally (videos)

May Day Occupy Oakland speaker

May Day General Strike at Occupy Oakland — Oscar Grant Plaza (aka Frank Ogawa Plaza) in downtown Oakland, CA.

After a standoff with the Oakland Police May Day Occupy Oakland protestors retreat to OGP and protest through song — a protestor speaks directly into the camera.

Speakers at the May Day Occupy Oakland rally:

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Boots Riley:

Dead Bird and Butterfly

Dead Bird and Butterfly. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend

I held this bird in my hands after it crashed into a glass door. I knew it was going to die because it had blood in its mouth following the impact. I held it through the process and at the moment of death it became extremely alert, opened its eyes wide and jumped out of my hands. Taking that metaphoric leap became literal at that moment. I placed it in the leaves with a butterfly who seemed to be partially alive. I didn’t want the bird to be alone.

Dead Bird and Butterfly. Photo: Wendy Goodfriend

Occupy Oakland Claims New Encampment

A march through Oakland on November 19, 2011 culminated in the Occupy protesters claiming a new encampment at Fox Square Park in Uptown Oakland.

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Peace Attack
Truck blasting music showcases Trespassing sign ripped down when protesters tore down the fences surrounding the vacant lot at Fox Square Park in Oakland.

People Are Too Big To Fail
Occupiers tear down fences in vacant lot adjacent to Fox Square Park in Oakland.

Occupy Oakland

Occupy Tulsa Stands With Occupy Oakland

This Space is Already Occupied
Residents in the Uptown Oakland neighborhood came out to protest the occupation and encampment.

Police lined up in front of the fence at Fox Square Park lot