Occupy Cal Strike UC Berkeley March

These photos were taken during the Occupy Cal Strike UC Berkeley Protest March on November 15, 2011.

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By Any Means Necessary - Occupy Cal March

Attention Police at Occupy Cal Strike UC Berkeley Protest March

Occupy Cal Strike March-leaders

Occupy Cal March - Strike UC Berkeley

The front of the march at OccupyCal Strike - UC Berkeley

Support Public Education

Unite - Occupy Cal Strike March

Re-Fund Public Education - Occupy Cal Strike March

March onlookers on balcony at Cal Berkeley - Make Banks Pay signage

The front of the march at the beginning at OccupyCal Strike at UC Berkeley

Police Brutality Pathetic Fallacy - Occupy Cal Strike March

Break the Wall of Privatization - Build the Future with Public Education

The front of the march - Occupy Cal Strike

Enthusiastic marching through the streets of Berkeley for OccupyCal Strike

The Regents are the One Percent - Occupy Cal Strike march

Education should  not be a debt sentence

20 new prisons - 1 new UC

Onlookers from windows during march through Berkeley - Occupy Cal Strike

United - Occupy Cal Strike march

Speaker at march - mother of Kenneth Harding, Jr

Speaker at the beginning of march at Occupy Cal Strike

Occupy Cal March during Strike at UC Berkeley

Free Speech Then and Now Always

Peace is not possible where there are gross inequalities of money and power

Dont Mistake Complexity for Chaos

Police - 99 Percent - Occupy Cal Strike March

KQED: This Week in Northern California Video of Occupy Cal Protests

Occupy Cal and Occupy Oakland protesters converge on the UC Berkeley campus at Sproul Plaza.
Interviews with Yvette Felancra and Berkeley City Council member Chris Worthington were conducted by Spencer Michels. Videography by Harry Betancourt.

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