Heart Hands billboard

Heart Hands Billboard (Hands-on Healing)

Heart Hands Billboard viewed from freeway going towards the Bay Bridge from San Francisco to Oakland

Heart Hands billboard
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Yes, clearly the campaign is Hands-on Healing for CPMC Sutter Health…now that they filled in the text on the billboard. A fun (somewhat frustrating) mystery that kept me guessing!

Hands-on Healing
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13 thoughts on “Heart Hands Billboard (Hands-on Healing)”

  1. Colin- I have been trying to find out what this billboard is about and google has not been forthcoming in yielding any results (except for my post)…very odd — I thought it was Apple-related as well since the billboard is visible right before an iPad2 billboard which has a similar style and is just a hand and an iPad. If you find a source please share.

  2. Any luck finding out what this is? I drive by it all the time (there are several of them on 101/E80 now) and I want to know!

  3. i work at CPMC in san francisco and this image is now also on our work computers’ screen savers. . .so i think it may be related to the hospital somehow? CPMC or sutter health?

  4. Yep, I work in CPMC too and I’ve been seeing them in our computers’ screen savers as being one of few advertisements & reminders that cpmc/sutter has for their employees to view in the hospital units.

  5. Yup! It is Sutter Health /CPMC “Hand-on-Healing” — they just filled the billboard in with text! I just posted a photo of the new version. I checked their website and now it is clear from the copy http://www.cpmc.org/handsonhealing/

    “The Hands-on Healing campaign you see in local San Francisco periodicals, billboards, commercials and online celebrates the hands-on care our patients receive at CPMC — and includes real success stories from our patients.”

  6. Thank you for being the only googleable reference to this mystery. Yes I thought it was a tribute to Jobs retiring as well.


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